Owner of Puawai Jade

Niki Nepia became a specialist pounamu carver in 2003. His work is defined by traditional art forms, and extends into domains that he finds satisfies contemporary sculpture and adornment.

As well as being highly skilled in the design of traditional and stylized forms, Niki is an artist who is constantly pushing his technical ability by crafting pounamu carvings that are impressively complex, with his manāia and hei tiki being prime examples.

Niki's designs are influenced by the natural surroundings of the Urewera Forest (Urewera National Park Area). He consciously incorporates aspects of nature and free-form design in all his work, being careful also to remain true to the spiritual side of his culture, and its art forms. This has created a unique, almost fluid aesthetic to Niki's work. His drive to produce complex carvings has lead him to great heights in the jade carving industry and has encouraged him to engage in learning other cultures carving methods.


God of the wind Tawhirimatea


Te Wehenga o Ranginui raua ko Papatuanuku The seperation of the Sky Father and Mother earth

Hei Tiki

He Atua he tipua

Hawaiiki Nui

Te haerenga mai Hawaiiki nui Hawaiki roa Hawaiki pamamao

Nga Hau E Wha

The four winds of Tawhirimatea


The peace maker

Manufacturer of Greenstone and high end jewellery products.
1174 Whakaue St, Rotorua, New Zealand


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