Jacinda Ardern's Bangle

Jade is not only worn for the beauty that it exudes, but its belief that it would protect the wearer from evil. It is also believed that the more pure/translucent the Jade Bangle is, the more prosperous ones life and the life of their family will become.

The process of finding the right bangle for you can be a tough task, but here at Puawai Jade we believe that Jade, will choose you! So once you find a connection with one, then that piece yours! Well lets hope that it fits, as getting them on is the defining factor!

Oil or plastic bags are used to get a bangle on because you don't want it to be too loose that it sways everywhere and becomes annoying when moving around. So it should be a struggle to get them on, but don't worry as they are easier to get off then they are to get on.

Once on, Jade Bangles are meant stay on forever and it is also worn on the left arm as that is the closet side to the heart.

Jade Bangles can be found in all sorts of colors ranging from White, Yellow, Black, Lavender, Red and our NZ Pounamu only comes in Green with some having what we call Flower in it (See bangle below to see flower, yellow variation). Some NZ Jade colours like Kahurangi will only get White Flower.


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