Alan Brown 

Iwi - Ati Hau Nui a Papa-Rangi 

Hapu - Ngati Ruaka

Ranana - Whanganui River 

Alan's Work is displayed in National and International Galleries, Museums and Collections, and has often been gifted to various countries and dignitaries on state and Trade Missions. Alan draws strongly from his Maori heritage to reflect the beauty of his land and the South Pacific in his work. He can trace his Bloodline (through direct descent) to the canoes that come from Eastern Polynesia and the Great Migration of 1350 A.D. 

In 1989, Alan won New Zealand's 2nd crafts Biennial, and International event with 93 entries from around the world and 160 from New Zealand.

Artist statement:

When there is love for somebody or something a relationship develops - a dialogue of some sort at some level becomes a process of discovery.......

 These works reflect my dialogue and love for the land, our heritage, the present and future, and become arrows and messengers the fly on into the lives and psyches of unknown ones...... Uki Uki Tau-e (for generations untold). 


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