Also known as Toki Poutangata, this taonga was often displayed by people of authority.
Representing strength, wisdom and courage. 

Roimata/Tear Drop

The Roimata which means "Tear Drop", is a comfort stone representing strength and courage. This is a gift that can be given to someone in times of grieve to say that they are not alone in times of strife.


Designed to symbolise the unfurling fern frond of the iconic silver fern.
Representing new beginnings, growth and harmony. 


This symbol is acknowledged as a guardian symbol. Depicting the head of a bird, body of a man and tail of a fish.
Representing the sky, earth and sea and the balance between them. 


The Infinity Twist represents the eternal bond of love, friendship and loyalty between two people or cultures. 
(The Single twist represents a connection between two people, and a double/triple twist is a connection between more than two people.)

Hei Tiki

To Maori the Hei Tiki was a revered tāonga, but the origins of the Tiki are obscure.
To some the Hei Tiki is the first man created by Tane.
Tiki is said to have held a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher of all things and the wearer would posses similar qualities..
In some areas the Hei Tiki would be buried with the guardian and later retrieved by the family and gifted to a family member holding many memories for years to come.
It is also believed by some to be a good luck charm and is regarded as a fertility symbol.

Hei Matau

Ideal for those travelling abroad, the Hei Matau is believed to bring safe travel over water and good health. 

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