New Zealand Pounamu (Jade) Hei Tiki

A Grade



New Zealand Pounamu Hei Tiki


Length: 5 cm

Width: 8 cm

To Maori the Hei Tiki was a revered taonga, but the origins of theTiki are obscure.To some the Hei Tiki is the first man created by Tane.Tiki is said to have held a wealth of knowledge and a great teacherof all things and the wearer would posses similar qualities.In some areas the Hei Tiki would be buried with the guardian andlater retrieved by the family and gifted to a family member holding manymemories for years to come.It is also believed by some to be a good luck charm and is regardedas a fertility symbol.

SKU: 10000-26 TAGS: Niki Nepia, Hei Tiki, Dark Flower, Translucent, natural

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