New Zealand Inanga Jade (Pounamu) Rei Puta with Manaia


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New Zealand Inanga Jade (Pounamu) Rei Puta with Manaia

Rei Puta
The Rei Puta is designed from the tooth of a whale, symbolizing wisdom and knowledge.

This symbol is acknowledged as a guardian symbol. Depicting
the head of a bird, body of a man and tail of a fish. Representing the
sky, earth and sea and the balance between them.

Notching on sides are a representation of whakapapa (genealogy), from your past, present and future.

Inanga Pounamu is identified by its pearly white or grey/green colours, with varying translucency. This stone gained its name from the New Zealand Inanga Whitebait fish.


10CM Length

4.5CM Width

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