​​New Zealand Pounamu (Jade) Hei Matau. Large


New Zealand Pounamu (Jade) Hei Matau. 

There are many meanings that are associated with the Hei matau. 
Two of which are power and authority. The Hei Matau and Toki received these.
It is said that things which were important to Māori, received those meanings. 
Toki to carve waka, to carve ngā rākau riri a Tū (weapons), and fortify pā. The use of the Hei Matau was to catch kai/food, to feed our people.
Who would wear a Hei Matau? 
People who possess these qualities or who are transitioning into them. 
Also, these taonga are typically worn by people who have a deep respect and connection with the ocean, the frequent traveler or someone/group who are heading abroad, as it is believed to provide good fortune and safety when travelling over water.

Length: 7.1cm
Width: 6.7cm

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